Effortless protection for your Google Photo Library

Today, our memories have become digital, and take the form of photos and videos. Making sure that these memories stay safe and protected is the mission of PhotoVaultOne.

PhotoVaultOne takes on your behalf a daily copy (backup) of these precious memories, and stores them securely within our service. With these backups, you can be sure that your photos and videos are safe even if accidentally deleted.

Why is this important? Read more to find out.

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Keep your digital memories safe

  • No app installation needed, 100% SaaS. Read more.
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  • We are an authorized Google Photos Partner.

How it works

Keep taking memories

When you use Google Photos, the pictures and videos you take are stored in Google Cloud. This is the bit you already know and have. Nothing changes here.


When you signup for PhotoVaultOne, you grant us a limited-access token so that we can read your pictures and videos. You remain in control of this token, and can revoke it at any time.

Daily backup

Our service uses the token you have granted us to download and securely store your new photos and videos on your behalf, every day, automatically with no interaction required.

Restore content

Use the service console to restore lost content directly back to your Google Photos Library with a few simple clicks and in a matter of minutes.

Features and benefits

Secure and private by design

Designed to meet the security and privacy expectations of todays consumers, in Europe, the US and everywhere. Read more.

Simple and powerful

Easy and effortless to use. No software installation needed. We backup your content for you every day, without you needing to lift a finger. Additional optional features are available for power users.

Affordable pricing

Free evaluation for 3 months, with all features and no commitment required.

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