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Google Photos is a very reliable service, trusted by millions of users. However, content from your Google Photos Library can be irreversibly and permanently lost for multiple reasons.

  • Mistake: You or someone else with access to your Google Photos Library might accidentally delete something you did not intend to
  • Abuse: Someone with access to your Google Photos Library might delete content from it intentionally, without your consent.
  • Software error: An error or glitch in the synchronization of your Library contents between your devices might cause content to be lost.
  • Malware/Ransomware infection: Malicious software may be able to access your Library contents.

PhotoVaultOne protects against these and other threats by managing offline copies (backups) of your content. These backups can be restored back into your Google Photos Library at any time.

No, we cannot view your photos or videos. Security and privacy of our customers is built-in to our architecture. All of your library contents are transmitted and stored encrypted end-to-end. Mechanisms are in place that prevent us or any other party from accessing your content.

To further ensure the privacy of your content, you can optionally choose to enable so-called Vault Mode. With Vault Mode, your data is further protected with a Vault Key. You will be given a unique Vault Key, which you need to provide back to us whenever you want to access your content. Your data cannot be accessed without this key. Note that if you enable Vault Mode, you are responsible for safe keeping of your Vault Key. We are not able to recover your Vault Key should you lose it.

We want to be very transparent about how we handle your data, and how it is protected. As we launch, we will publish technical articles, where many of the security measures we take will be explained in detail.

Your content is stored in the security certified facilities of the world's leading cloud services provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You choose the location for your content during the registration process. We provide you with one or more options for the location, which vary based on your country of residence.

Your data will always be stored only in the location of your choice. We will never copy, transfer or process your content outside of your chosen location without your consent.

Our evaluation term (3 months) is free in the usual sense of the term, meaning no payment method or commitment is required during evaluation. You will have access to all features and capabilities of our service during your evaluation period, and can store up-to 100GB of content.

You are free to cancel or delete your evaluation subscription at any time. If you do not provide a valid payment method before the end of the evaluation period, your subscription will be automatically deleted.

We may from time to time offer additional perks, such as an extended evaluation period, if you do provide your payment method up front. Even in such a case, no charges will be made until your evaluation period is over, and you can cancel or delete the service without penalty, if you do so before end of evaluation term.

There is currently no Google provided facility for accurately reviewing your current storage usage, particularly on items stored prior to June 1st 2021.

We estimates that most customers will find the 100GB plan sufficient for their needs. We recommend that if you are unsure, start with the 100GB plan.

To help make choosing the right plan for you easy, our subscription plans are flexible, and can easily be upgraded even in the middle of a subscription period.

When you first signup for our service, we will calculate the total size of your Google Photos library. If it exceeds the size available for a free trial, you will be able to signup for one of the paid plans instead.