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We backup your content daily. This requires that your account has a valid subscription at the time we perform the backup.

Each backup is a point-in-time snapshot of your library contents, containing references to every photo and video in your library at that moment. You will be able to see which photos and videos were added in a snapshot, and which have been removed

There is no limit to how long your backups can be stored. Your backups will be retained for as long as you keep your subscription with us, and you can go back and restore any content from any point in time at any time.

Vault Mode provides an additional layer of protection for your library contents when stored with us. When enabled, your content is encrypted in such a way that they can be accessed only with a Vault Key - which is known only by you.

You can read more about how to take Vault Mode into use, or about the encryption techniques used to create Vault Mode.

PhotoVaultOne exists to ensure that your important digital memories are never lost. For this reason, we apply additional protection before you can delete any content from our service.

If you are using Vault Mode, you need to provide your Vault Key before you can access or modify your content.

At this time we support backing up only to our cloud storage.

To backup to a local device, such as a NAS device, take a look at the open-source project gphotos-sync by Giles Knap.